IOTCOMM attended the 2018 China International Internet of Things Expo

2018/07/19 iotcomm 3159view

IOTCOMM  brought some of the exhibits from the International Lighting Fair that just ended in Guangzhou to the scene of the 2018 China International Internet of Things Expo to participate in the three-day event. For smart lighting, some of the underlying technologies of Zhilianxintong have been well solved and applied in the past ten years, and there have been great breakthroughs. As for the technology itself, the underlying communication technology and protocol are not a big problem. We are more concerned about how to use the characteristics of the industry to provide better owner services. In fact, what the owner hopes to solve is that our smart lighting can be truly smart, and what our company is committed to doing is to use artificial intelligence technology to achieve industrial development, so that the owner can manage various street lights and scenarios more intelligently and more economically  Heart.