Living up to time, building dreams of youth

In this quiet and good time between spring and summer, the friends of Iotcomm's R&D Center finally ushered in our team building journey, meeting a beautiful encounter, going to a feast of nature, calling for ever The outdoor barbecue that has just come out is walking around~


Product Introduction | IOTCOMM Smart light pole——Magicbar

Driven by the need for new infrastructure construction such as the Internet of Things in smart cities and the 5G industry and new technologies, the smart light pole industry has ushered in a window period of rapid development, and a wave of smart city construction with 5G smart light poles as the carrier is being blown around the world. whirlwind.


Birthday party

Birthday, belongs to each person special day, for its meaning, different people have different interpretations, but is the same, is accompanied by a deep friendship. At mail tunnels has always is a people-oriented, pay attention to the humanistic care of the company, it is very important to place the happiness of the employees in the position, on employees birthday this natural little also not an elaborate birthday parties.


Support 5G development

Recently, from the central high-level deployment for many times, to the capital market capital, the most attention by public opinion is one of the concept of "new construction". "New construction" become the focus from all walks of life at the moment.


With the love love city

To further implement the party's mass pair support spirit, give full play to the role of non-public enterprise party organizations fighting forts and the communist party member cutting edge exemplary role, in two levels of the organization department and tongan district downtown XiKe Town party committee under the bridge