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More than 40,000pcs smart street light transforming project in Santiago, the capital of Chile

Santiago is not only the capital of Chile, is the largest city in Chile, South America's fifth largest city, is the political, cultural and economic center of Chile, industrial and financial center, and Chile contributed 45% of the nation's GDP, Chile.


IOTCOMM attended the China Xi'an International Science and Technology Industry Expo

On the morning of August 15, sponsored by the people's government of xi 'an "2019 xian the 14th China international science and technology industry exposition and hard high-tech expo", grand opening in qujiang international exhibition center.


Fujian's first multi-functional street light pole project equipped with 5G micro base stations and smart city comprehensive sensing functions landed in Tong'an, Xiamen

Xiamen Tongan district is the largest administrative region, is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese and the ancestral home of Taiwan compatriots in China, with area of 658 square kilometers.


IOTCOMM attended the 2019 China Internet of Things Expo

In July, Chinese Internet exposition raised the waves of cool and refreshing, attracted everybody to xiamen international convention and exhibition center, we wait for you to see the amazing fair.


Empower smart lighting management to help 5G commercial use and development

In order not to let this super valuable article cloth during the first few the skylight and exhibition of friends into the vast sea, small make up specially careful editing, let everyone in crossing at the end of the week, again at mail tunnels focus and essence of light during the exhibition this year, as a review, this let small make up to you to narrate: